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The cost of drilling a borehole depends on the location and depth of the borehole. Kindly get in touch with us for a quotation.

  • Geological/Hydrological Survey carried out by a registered geologist in the designated country.
  • Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) Authorization.
  • Environmental impact assessment report
  • NEMA License

If required, we can assist in acquiring the above permits and licenses.

Once the geologist has surveyed the area, he/she will provide you with a detailed report on the geology of the parcel of land. This report will also indicate the estimated depth of the water and the exact location of the borehole.

A NEMA report consists of an environmental impact assessment report that details the impact of drilling a borehole on the environment.  This is a mandatory requirement by law before drilling of the borehole (in Kenya only)

After drilling the borehole and doing test pumping, we will take a water sample to the government laboratory for testing. The test results in a water analysis report that indicates whether or not the water is safe for domestic/industrial consumption.