Company Introduction

Sparr Drilling Company Limited is one of the leading borehole drilling contractors in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.

Established twenty years ago, the company owns four modern, state-of-art Rotary Drilling Rigs and Elgi Compressors all using Down The Hole (DTH) drilling method, clearly putting us ahead of the competition in the drilling industry.  Unit Two Drilling Rig has a capacity of 250 meters, Unit Three – 320 meters, Unit Four- 360 meters and the latest addition to the Sparr Drilling team; Unit 5 which has a capacity of 400 meters.

Sparr Drilling Co. Ltd has been performing drilling works in the Kenyan region for approximately 20 years.  With this experience in mind, we have extensive knowledge in the field of borehole drilling and understand requirements of specific customers as well as projects.


Currently the company employs four drillers and two assistants with over thirty years combined experience in drilling and maintenance of the machines.  The Company has a total of forty employees, who form part of the drilling crew in their respective units.  For pump and recovery tests, the company has six pumps for use on site, including the necessary equipment to lower and lift submersible pumps.

At Sparr, we have the capacity and expertise needed to satisfy all your drilling requirements. The company has established an exceptional reputation as a provider of quality service with international recognition. All our works meet local and international standards.

The company has been involved in a number of projects involving evaluation, baseline studies, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, project design and proposal development, community need assessment etc.




We seek to become the borehole driller of choice for the customer who demands professional services