About Sparr

Sparr Drilling Company Limited is one of the leading borehole drilling contractors in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. Established twenty years ago, the company owns four modern, state-of-art Rotary Drilling Rigs and Elgi Compressors all using Down The Hole (DTH) drilling method, clearly putting us ahead of the competition in the drilling industry.


Our Team

Anuj Chandulal Rajani

Director : Sparr Drilling Company Ltd.

Born in the business family, Anuj knows how to build a relationships which lasts for ever. After his education, he started his career spanning 15 years in Petroleum & Oil industry.

Minal Anuj Rajani

Head of Accounts of Sparr Drilling Company Ltd.

Minal is associated with Sparr from inception. Her responsibilities includes Accounts & day to day operations of Sparr.

Ketan Rajani

Resource Manager : Sparr Drilling Company Ltd

Ketan is associated with Sparr from inception. His responsibilities includes Business Development, Co-ordination & Resource Management

Raghavendra H V

Technical Director : Sparr Drilling Company Ltd, Tanzania.

Qualified as Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from Bangalore University, India, he is the person behind the technology & new innovation in borehole drilling methodology.

Girish H D

Marketing Manager : Sparr Drilling Company Ltd, Tanzania

Girish is a dynamic, aggressive Director with 18 years of experience in Hospitality, Automobile industry.